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Korean language test and ijra in Nepal 2021


♥نیپالیوں کی تو لگ گیا۔
The language test of the Employment Ratio System (EPS), which has been in operation for over a decade, has been canceled after fake candidates were found. The Korean Embassy in Nepal has issued a notice stating that there is a possibility that the EPS language test will not be held this year due to unwanted activities in the language test. Korea Human Resource Development (HRD) has warned Nepal to lose its jobs by changing the photo and submitting fake documents in the admission letter of 58 Nepali people who had entered through the EPS. The fake candidates were identified by the Korean government in February 2020 and returned to Nepal in March and the end of June. In April 2020, the Korean Ministry of Law and the Incheon Airport Immigration Office arrested five Nepalese brokers involved in the EPS language test and sent them to Nepal for some time.
EPS movement and fake candidates are not the main reason for the risk of dismissal! !

Thanks for today’s business news Note: – Language test is not canceled! It is said that there is a possibility of a possible situation.


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