Samina Baig who was the first Pakistani woman




Hello Everybody, I am proud to inform all of you that a great friend Mirza Ali bhai (brother of Samina Baig who was the first Pakistani woman to summit #MountEverest few years back) has successfully summited Mount Everest today and has hoisted another #SabzHilaliParcham on the highest point of the world alhamdulillah. He is on his way back to the base camp. Please pray for him and let’s congratulate this #Champ.

I till remember that during a talk of his sister Samina to students of our University (#KoreaUniversity) few years back on #WomenEmpowerment Mirza bhai said “I could have had summitted Mount Everest together when Samina did, but I turned back from almost the top to show the world that my sister summitted Everest by herself without a brother’s help”. I was inspired by his sacrifice to show the strength of Pakistani #women in general and that of his sister in particular.

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