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KOREA VISA Policy Update international students

KOREA VISA Policy Update (As of Sep. 3)

1. Restriction on Spouse (F-3 VISA) of Associate degree course (D2-1 VISA), Language Course (D4 VISA) & Short-term international students:

In the past, in the case of D2-1 VISA holders etc., they could apply for a spouse VISA in their home countries or invited their spouses from their home countries after entering into Korea. However, Immigration Office restricts on Spouse and children (F-3 VISA) for D2-1 VISA, D4 VISA and short-term international students except for a humanitarian reason.

2. Restriction on Part Time Job type for D-2 VISA Holders:

It is restricted on working at the fields of E-1 VISA to E-7 VISA, E-9 VISA & E-10 VISA. Also, a part time working for the manufacturing field within the scope of E-9 VISA working qualification based on Immigration Control Act Enforcement Decree is totally restricted.

3. Extension of E-7 VISA:

E-7 VISA holders shall submit the income certificate (issued by Tax Office) for the previous year, and the hiring company shall submit Certificate of Tax Payment when E-7 VISA holders extend their VISA.
(*E7 VISA has several detailed visa categories such as E7-1 VISA, E7-2 VISA, E7-3 VISA & E7-4 VISA etc.)

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